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NI News eLearning - BNT - 19.03.2020 07:32

Nachricht von NI. Gruß Holger

Hi there.
At NI, everything we do is about you and your success, even in this unprecedented time. We know that COVID-19 has created some challenges about how businesses will move forward, and as your trusted partner, we’re here to help you continue to engineer the extraordinary.

Starting today, all NI online training courses are free through at least April 30, 2020.

You can access free training from anywhere in the world, 24x7. This offer is not just for NI customers, it’s for all of us in the global engineering community. Please share the link with your colleagues inside and outside of your organization.

Although your job may look or feel different now, and be conducted from a different place, we are working around the clock to make sure you have the tools and resources to continue to make an impact. Even today—especially today—there are opportunities to push forward, to improve and invent, and to emerge from this trying time stronger than when we went in.

We are here for you. If you see another way that NI can help, please connect with us now.

Be safe. Stay healthy. Help others. Continue learning. Build something amazing.

RE: NI News eLearning - jg - 19.03.2020 17:56

Hallo Holger,

vielen Dank für diesen Beitrag!

Vielleicht ein kleiner Silberstreif für Leute, denen die Zeit zu lange wird.

Viele Grüße an alle,

RE: NI News eLearning - jg - 25.03.2020 11:00


RE: NI News eLearning - TpunktN - 01.04.2020 10:08

Danke schön für die Info!

RE: NI News eLearning - jg - 06.04.2020 13:42


RE: NI News eLearning - jg - 22.04.2020 08:05

Noch immer frei zugänglich!

Gruß, Jens

RE: NI News eLearning - BNT - 30.04.2020 07:19

Liebe LabVIEW Fans
Der freie Zugang wurde bis mindestens zum 31. Mai verlängert. Nűtzt die Zeit!

Viel Freude beim Lernen.

Gruß Holger

RE: NI News eLearning - jg - 30.04.2020 08:26

Hallo Holger,

vielen Dank für die Info! Das sind erfreuliche Nachrichten.

Ich werde weiterhin den Beitrag immer wieder noch oben pushen.

Viele Grüße,

RE: NI News eLearning - BNT - 30.04.2020 09:04

Liebe LabVIEW-Fans
Es gibt noch mehr Neuigkeiten von NI.

Gruß Holger

RE: NI News eLearning - jg - 12.05.2020 07:43